Big Changes For Intermot Show

Ducati's 1199 superbike release at the 2012 Intermot show. Going forward, expect fewer new bike releases at this event. PHOTO CREDIT: Ducati

The Intermot motorcycle show is about to see some big changes for 2024.

The German motorcycle show (running out of the city of Cologne) has been running every second year, on even-numbered years, for a long time. Based off the pattern of the past few years, we would have expected Intermot to run in early fall of 2024 (late September or early October).

That’s not happening in 2024—instead, Intermot is moving to the first weekend in December (running December 5-8). And from here on, Intermot is planned to run annually.

It’s a big change for what was once the second-most or most important motorcycle show in the world. For years, Intermot ran a month and a half before EICMA in Milan; if a company wanted to beat everyone else to the punch with a new motorcycle release, it happened at Intermot. BMW, in particular, often launched new bikes at home turf (so to speak) at Intermot.

Now, with a December date, that’s less likely. And it’s a bit unsurprising. Many manufacturers have switched to online motorcycle launch events, not bothering with the same foofaraw at the shows as they did in years past.

Still, as some bikes are still launched after EICMA, perhaps Intermot will serve as the first chance for many riders to see new machines in the flesh. But, with the Japan Mobility Show in early fall and the UK’s Motorcycle Live show running towards the end of November, there won’t be as much left for Intermot.

Maybe the point is to instead use the show as a boost for Christmas shopping, with the December dates? All we can do is wait and see. But it’s just one more piece of evidence that the traditional off-season motorcycle show scene we’re all used to is vanishing quickly. You’ll even notice differences on the Canadian show circuit this winter!

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