Look, It’s The Triumph Thruxton FE

Thruxton FE
Triumph's new Thruxton FE is supposed to be the final machine in this series of hot-rod retros. Credit: Triumph

It’s the End Times! Not of the world. We hope. No, Triumph is signaling the Thruxton lineup (and perhaps as an extension the whole 1200 Bonneville lineup) is about to get a shake-up, with announcement of the new Triumph Thruxton FE, aka the Thruxton Final Edition.

The Final Edition is actually a 2025 model, but you should be able to call and order one from your dealer today. It’s supposed to arrive in-country in spring of 2024.

When it gets here, you’ll see a machine that’s very similar to the current Thruxton RS model, with a more crouched-down riding stance and a chassis that’s built for faster riding than the standard Bonnie 1200. In the case of the Final Edition, you get the juiced-up version of the Bonneville 1200 motor, with hot-rod cams and high-compression pistons for max power around 105 hp. It comes with a fully-adjustable Showa Big Piston Fork and a set of dual piggyback shocks via Ohlins. The front stoppers are made to slow you down in a hurry, with Brembo M50 calipers. Of course, ABS and traction control are standard, along with multiple riding modes. It weighs 197 kg dry.

All stuff we’ve seen before with the RS. In the case of the FE model, along with the name change, you get a paint job that sets it apart. Triumph gives us this list:

• Competition Green metallic paint scheme
• Contrasting black side panels and mudguards
• Hand-painted gold lining on fuel tank and seat cowl with concealed artist’s initials • Heritage Triumph logo in gold on the tank
• Thruxton Final Edition branding
• Final Edition engine badge
• Certificate of authenticity

It’s certainly a sharp-looking machine, and should you want your own, the Canadian price tag is a $19,395 MSRP (plus taxes and fees). Ask your local dealer for more deets.

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