KTM Brings A New Electric Minibike To Canada

Credit: KTM

KTM continues to explore the electric frontier with a new minibike for kids. The KTM SX-E 2 follows earlier machines like the all-electric Freeride trailbike and the SX-E 5 and SX-E 3 minis, bringing two-wheeled battery power to the dirt.

In the case of the SX-E 2, you’re once again getting a mini-sized dirt bike that’s aimed at kids. It’s powered by an electric hub motor with 1.8 kW output, and 36 lb-ft of torque. That powerplant will push the bike to a top speed of 33 km/h (the Medium power mode limits riders to 20 km/h; there’s also a Walking mode). There’s also a rollover sensor that cuts power when it detects the bike has been tipped over, shutting off the engine to avoid problems.

Even though the electric motor is vibe-free, KTM has built in a sensory feedback system to help riders get a feel for their bike’s power delivery. As per the press release:

As an added safety feature, the electric motor is activated by rolling the throttle forward. Once turned ‘on’, a haptic ‘vibration’ is sent through the grip, mimicking the subtle idling vibration of a combustion engine, indicating to the rider that the bike is ready to go. This stops any unwanted or sudden acceleration when mounting the KTM SX-E 2.

The li-ion battery has 9.4 Ah capacity. That battery will plug into a 110V wall socket via external charger, taking about an hour to top up to 100 percent. Going from zero to 80 percent only takes 35ish minutes, says KTM.

The KTM SX-E 2 is aimed at kids, but it’s parent-friendly. An electric powertrain means low maintenance, and no money spent on gas. Credit: KTM

The frame and swingarm are aluminum, while the rear subframe is a composite material, just like KTM’s bigger dirt bikes. This keeps weight down to only 29 kg, including the battery.

Seat height is two-way adjustable, with either a 470 mm option, or 500 mm. Hand controls are also adjustable, to fit larger or smaller riders, and the footpegs can be raised or lowered as well. The 10-inch wheels have Kenda tires; hydraulic brakes mated to 140 mm discs take care of stopping duty. The suspension is from WP; the shock is preload-adjustable.

Asking price in Canada is $2,599, plus taxes and fees. Talk to your dealer for more details.

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