Protect Your Bike: Muc-Off Now Sells An AirTag Holder To Keep Track Of Your Ride

AirTag holder
The partially-assembled holder in the top right shows you how it all goes together. When bolted together (left) and installed on a wiring harness (lower right), this is a discreet addition that beefs up your bike security. Credit: Muc-Off

After crashing or mechanical meltdown, one of the worst fears of any motorcyclists is bike theft. It’s particularly unpleasant these days, as many police (not all) have a reputation for not really caring a whole lot. Now, Muc-Off has introduced a new product that will help you keep track of your bike, wherever it is—even in the wrong hands.

The new Muc-Off AirTag Holder is exactly what it sounds like: A holder that allows you to attach an Apple AirTag securely to your bike. Most readers probably know what an AirTag is, but if not—it’s basically a locator beacon that uses other Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, etc.) to keep track of whatever it’s attached to. It uses Bluetooth tech to communicate to other devices, not satellite tech, so it’s somewhat limited in its coverage. However, it’s a very easy-to-use technology, integrated with Apple’s “Find My” service. It pings other Apple devices, and uses those messages to send its location to your phone when you check in.

Aside from the limitations of its connectivity technology, AirTags are relatively weatherproof, and have battery life of roughly a year from a CR2032 cell. They’re not as powerful or effective as more expensive trackers, but they do a fairly good job on a budget (see more deets here at Wikipedia, if you’re curious). A quick Google search will give you stories about riders who’ve already tracked down their stolen motorcycles with this technology.

But as with other bike alarms and anti-theft devices, the problem is always: How do you attach it? That’s where Muc-Off’s new holder comes in. It has a two-part frame and clamp assembly made of a mixture of plastic and aluminum. It is designed to be locked around the bike’s wiring harness with the help of security Torx screws, out of sight but in a place where you can access it to change the battery in the AirTag when needed.

Obviously, this doesn’t stop the bike from actually being stolen, and while the thieves have the bike, their phones will alert them if the AirTag is “spying” on their location, so to speak. And if nobody around has an Apple phone, well, it won’t work. If the crims don’t mind cutting your wiring harness, it’ll be off the bike in seconds. In other words, it’s not a perfect solution, and it seems to be quite pricey in Canada, at $119 at Kimpex.

However, this does seem to be a much more secure solution than other stuck-on AirTag holders, and the concept of using your AirTag to track your bike has been proven to work before. It might not be perfect, but it’s better than nothing, and it’s certainly a lot better than losing your bike forever.


  1. gee I can buy a 75 bucks 3d printer from best buy and make my own and still save money . Someone want 119 for 2 bucks max peace of plastic . No way.

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