Suzuki Hayabusa Gets 25th Anniversary Edition

Credit: Suzuki

Who here remembers when the Suzuki Hayabusa debuted? And who here can believe that was 25 years ago? Yeah, we all feel old now, but with 2024 models coming out now, it’s a quarter-century run for Suzuki’s hyperbike, and as a result, we get a 25th anniversary edition.

So what do we get—maybe something exciting, like a turbocharger? Nope, the 25th anniversary edition Hayabusa gets no mechanical changes. We do get:

  • Special 25th Anniversary emblem on the fuel tank
  • Gold-anodized brake inner rotor and chain adjuster
  • Shot-blasted carved 25th Anniversary seal on muffler

  • Hayabusa Kanji logo on the drive chain

  • Black molding on the cowl

In other words: It’s the old Bold New Graphics trick! Alas, no turbo! Not that we had any hope of that, at this point. Through the mid-2010s, there was considerable gossip that Suzuki was putting a forced induction system on the ‘Busa, but when the latest-generation model came out, that was not the case. It did get a whole host of electro-upgrades, including adjustable launch control and traction control, cruise control, cornering ABS, hill start assist, rear wheel lift control, and “Active Speed Limiter” system. Three engine power modes and six riding modes come standard, and up/down quickshifter, and even a lean angle indicator on the TFT.

Credit: Suzuki

Maybe not as bonkers as people had hoped for (still restricted to 300 km/h). But still a set of healthy updates for the 2020s, and fun, fun fun, until the traffic cops take your licence away.

What’s the MSRP for the 25th anniversary bike? Suzuki’s website says to call your dealer for pricing. Dear reader, we’ve done just that, and we understand the special-edition bike is coming in to Canada at $23,999. Only 25 units will come into our country, and Suzuki expects them by early fall. If you want one, get your money down now!

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