Photo Gallery: 2022 Fundy Adventure Rally Reunion

Exploring a rocky trail. Photo: Vlast Pojman

“It’s a reunion, not a rally.” That, or something like that, was the tagline for the 2022 Fundy Adventure Rally Reunion. Last weekend, dozens of riders re-convened at Adair’s Wilderness Lodge just outside Sussex, New Brunswick, for a few days of camping, riding, and catching up with long-lost friends.

Well, those friends weren’t exactly lost. We just hadn’t had a Fundy rally since 2019, when Eric and Terri Russell of Canada Moto Rallies announced they couldn’t run the event anymore. They’d taken over after Editor ‘Arris, founder of both this publication and the Fundy Rally, died in a crash. Eric and Terri grew the event to the next level, but their day jobs in Ontario kept them too busy to keep the rally running.

There was still talk of something for 2020, some sort of event—and then COVID hit, nuking any change of a rally in 2020 and 2021. But in 2022, longtime rally-goer Peter Rollins put a plan in motion for a reunion-style event, and that’s what ran the September 9-11 weekend at Adair’s.

It wasn’t the same as before—there weren’t dozens of riders lined up, waiting to be released to pre-scouted trails, earning points for sections completed based on difficulty. There were no official trails built into the event at all; some riders just re-traced their steps from past rallies, and others found new routes to travel. And there were no massive group meetings or meals. Everything was very informal, casual, and just plain fun.

It was so much fun that it seems the Reunion will probably run again in 2023. We’ll let you know when we have details confirmed, but as it stands now, it looks like all that hard work the organizers have done over the past decade is still paying off for adventure riders, even if the original rally format seems to have passed by the wayside for now.

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