Ducati Monster SP adds high-spec parts, subtracts weight

Photo: Ducati

Ducati is now rolling out its new-for-2023 models, cleverly doing so ahead of motorcycle show season. This gives them a bit more focused hype and also saves on expensive industry show reveal costs. Today, we got our first look at the new Ducati Monster SP, which is a remix of the latest version of the naked bike formula, with new high-spec parts and lower weight.

The changes mainly amount to running gear bits swapped out for more high-performance parts. Most notably, there’s now fully-adjustable Ohlins suspension front and rear. Up front, the change to NIX30 fork means the front end is now 0.6 kg lighter than either the Monster or Monster +  models. There’s also a new set of Brembo Stylema calipers, shaving another half a kg off the standard Monster equipment, simultaneously improving the braking performance and also cutting even more weight.

But wait, there’s more? Or, errrr, less—less weight, that is! Ducati added a windscreen and steering damper, which would have put the bike back up some more poundage—but compensated by adding a li-ion battery, so when all’s accounted for, even with the new parts, the Monster SP is about 2 kg overall lighter than its plain-jane counterparts in the Monster lineup.

Although the electronic bits are the same as the other Monster models (offering wheelie control, traction control, launch control, quickshifter, etc.), Ducati says it’s also adjusted these to match the bike’s new configuration. Other touches include a new Termignoni muffler and sticky Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tires.

The engine is the same 937cc liquid-cooled V-twin that the standard Monster has, which means it should have just over 110 hp at the crank.

So what’s it all going to cost here in Canada? No word yet, but we’d expect it here for next riding season. And as far as we know, your colour choice is red, red, or red. No surprise there. See the official launch vid below:

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