BMW G310 RR launch is imminent: Reports

The TVS Apache 310 RR is supposedly getting rebadged as the BMW G310 RR, very soon. Photo: TVS

Wondering when BMW will get around to releasing its fully-faired G310 RR sportbike? Supposedly, we’re going to see it sometime in the next month, with an alleged July 15 press launch date.

That date comes from India-based Zigwheels, which says BMW has sent out a notice to save that mid-summer date, allegedly for a bike launch. Or so they say. Note that we have seen no such official confirmation from BMW Motorrad ourselves, and Zigwheels bases this idea on a photo embedded in that invite. The photo shows the taillight of a TVS Apache RR 310; since that bike is basically a fully-faired G310, Zigwheels theorizes this means the new BMW is just a rebadged version of that machine, carrying BMW tricolor paint.

Sounds like a solid theory, and since BMW’s G310 series is all built by TVS, why think too hard about it? The TVS Apache RR 310 has been on the market a while; BMW can offer these under its own name with nothing more than a paint job and a badge swap, and maybe a bit of extra quality control at the Indian factory.

BMW recently released the video seen here (we can’t embed, sorry), which pretty much confirms the rumor.

For the sake of reference, the G310 R naked bike currently carries a $5,695 MSRP in Canada; expect the fully-faired version to carry a price premium, naturally, but it would probably be less than a thousand bucks, making this a very cheap way to get a sportbike with the famous roundel logo. You cannot expect the same performance as an R1250 RT, but so far, owners seem to be happy with their 310-series machines, and they’re coming in at pricing far affordable than BMW has traditionally carried in our market.

That’s good news, as riders’ budgets are shrinking. If you factor in the rising cost of equivalent Japanese bikes, and their shrinking availability, a G310 RR could really be a case of the right machine at the right time, as long as the Indian moto-mags have their predictions right.

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