Honda Giorno returns to Canadian market

2023 Honda Giorno. Photo: Honda

Gas prices are up, the stock market down, and dealership showrooms are constantly low on available motorcycles and scooters, which is bad if you want to switch to two wheels to save money. But here’s some good news: If you’re looking to pinch pennies on petrol, the Honda Giorno is coming back to Canada!

You might remember the Giorno from its previous appearance here, and you might not. It’s called the Metropolitan in some markets, and perhaps that’s the name you’ll know it by. It’s a contemporary budget step-through, combining pseudo-Euro styling with sturdy Japanese engineering.

The engine is a 49cc overhead cam single, with electronic fuel injection. Of course, it’s a four-stroke, like all modern step-throughs, which means less air pollution but also means it’s less zippy than the Vespas of old. Alas! But at least it’s new and reliable, and should be very fuel-efficient.

The Giorno also comes with a respectable 22 liters of underseat storage space, and room in the dash for a 1-liter water bottle. With safety in mind, Honda gave the Giorno its Combined Braking System (CBS): If you mash the rear brake, it’ll also apply the front brake to keep your scoot stabilized as you come to a stop more quickly.

Honda offers the Giorno in either blue or green paint schemes, and the $3,299 MSRP plus tax works out to as low as $19ish a week payments. Mind you, that doesn’t include your insurance rates, but still, that’s pretty cheap for a vehicle that can save you hundreds of dollars a month on your urban commute. Remember, in most jurisdictions you can get your scooter license even before your car license, and if you already have a driver’s license for a car, it’s typically valid for a 49cc machine like this as well, with no extra hoops to jump through.

For more details, check out Honda’s Canadian website.


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