Expect new BMW R1300, M1300, R1400 GS models this fall!

We’ve had another peek at BMW’s adventure bike future this past week, with the spies at Motorcycle.com uncovering evidence we’re about to see a new BMW series of adventure bikes in the near future.

This comes as no surprise, exactly—the R1250 GS has been on the market a while now, and is due for replacement. But what was surprising was the breadth of the upcoming lineup, with two new 1300-class bikes and a 1400-class bike.

The leak actually came from a BMW website, a site that allowed riders to book servicing for their bikes. The dropdown menu allowed selection of an M1300 GS, an R1300 GS, and an R1400 GS, none of which are current BMW models. The info has been scrubbed from BMW’s online portals in the days since the leak, but even though the leak has been plugged (so to speak), the info is now out … and it lines up with what we knew previously.

Remember that we already had a glimpse of BMW’s next-generation adventure bike last summer, in a series of spy shots, and we also saw another leak that indicated BMW was working on an M-series GS. Seeing such a model pop up on an official BMW website is no surprise. In fact, you might wonder if it was a carefully-planned maneuver, aimed at drumming up hype.

Either way, the three new bikes are all interesting, and we’d assume the R1400 GS is likely touring-biased, with BMW’s latest adaptive cruise control system. The R1300 GS is probably a base model, and the M1300 GS likely comes with up-spec’d suspension, and a more performance-oriented tuning. Perhaps it’s the replacement for the old Adventure variant, but that seems unlikely.

Expect all these new bikes to have a new liquid-cooled boxer engine, and expect to see them all debut at this fall’s Intermot show.


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