Video: More Husqvarna 901 Norden teaser material

The Husqvarna 901 Norden teaser campaign continues. After a recent peek at the bike’s aesthetic design process, we now get a look at the next step: The initial EICMA tease.

When the Norden 901 broke cover at the Milan motorcycle show in 2019, it was pretty big news—there were rumours of such a project for a while, but the Norden 901 made a big impact when it actually showed up in physical form.

The 901 is Husqvarna’s first multi-cylinder bike in a long time, and the company’s first full-sized adventure bike. It’s based on the same parallel twin that KTM used for the 890 Duke/Adventure series, and the chassis is probably similar, but Husqvarna is keen to make its own identity in the moto world, instead of just re-badging KTM designs with blue/yellow/white paint.

It would be very surprising if the 901 wasn’t available in the EU market as a 2022 model, but will it debut on the show circuit this fall? Errrr, expect some sort of a reveal by December, but maybe an online-only event.

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