Choose a custom-painted helmet through Helmade

Helmade's website offers a wide range of customization. Photo: Helmade

Want a custom-painted motorcycle helmet, just like a pro racer, but don’t know where to start? Helmade can help, kind of.

Helmade is a German company that sells motorcycle helmets with factory custom paint jobs. Now, we agree: The idea of a “factory custom” is a bit of a stretch. How can it be customized, if someone else can buy the exact same thing?

This is a chance to buy something that’s made to look how you like it, though, instead of the manufacturer’s limited selection of factory paint.

Helmade offers full-face street helmets, jet helmets, and vintage and modern MX helmets. Photo: Helmade

The Helmade site has a variety of helmets from different manufacturers, in different styles. Arai full-face sport helmets, Bell open-face cruiser helmets, and everything in between.

From there, each helmet has a variety of pre-selected paint schemes you can opt for. Want a stripey full-face? You can buy that, and choose which colours you want the helmet to be. Want a flamed-out jet helmet? Also doable.

While you can choose the colours for the helmets, it’s worth pointing out the selection is still limited, even though it’s much wider than standard factory options. I was interested in ordering a nice red-fades-to-white paint job on a Bell Moto-3, to replace the one I crashed out a few years back. No can do, amigo, all Helmade has to offer is red-fades-to-black.

What if you want custom cartoonish graphics, like Valentino Rossi puts on his MotoGP helmet? Again, there’s no option to upload a .jpeg for custom print. You can have Helmade print a word or words on the side of the helmet, but it’s pretty small and unexciting.

The service is also expensive. Pricing depends on which helmet you get, but will cost hundreds of dollars more than the MSRP. If you’re interested, I suggest you head over to the website and skim through the options—get ready to get spendy!


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