H-D1 Marketplace launches, selling certified used Harley-Davidsons

In the past few months of “Hey, we’re rebooting Harley-Davidson” press releases, one particular tidbit stuck out as particularly juicy: A while back, the MoCo told us it plans to launch a concentrated effort on selling used motorcycles. Now, we see that plan kicking off, under the name H-D1 Marketplace.

So what’s it all about? According to the US press release, “H-D1 Marketplace will provide consumers with the most comprehensive opportunity to search, experience, sell and purchase pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles across North America. Backed by the strength and scale of our dealer network and enhanced by the Harley-Davidson Certified™ program for extra peace of mind, H-D1 Marketplace will facilitate a seamless purchase experience for customers looking for that special pre-owned Harley-Davidson.”

Deciphering that jargon, here’s what’s going on: Harley-Davidson will use its dealer network to find, purchase, certify, and re-sell used bikes. Whether you’re buying your Harley-Davidson new or used, the company wants that sale. Or, as new CEO Jochen Zeitz puts it in the press release, “The launch of H-D1 Marketplace is the first step towards our ambitious transformation of H-D.com into the leading online destination for everything Harley-Davidson.

Wait, did Zeitz just hint that Harley-Davidson’s website will also show used inventory? That’s what it sounded like … but maybe that’s a misinterpretation.

Whatever. What we do know is, H-D1 Marketplace rolls out in the US first, but we should see it in Canada, as Harley-Davidson’s presser says it’s a North American program. Again, as per the press release:

“Launching first in USA, H-D1 Marketplace will start with the entire selection of pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles from our participating dealer network, that will be available for our customers to browse and customize online. Powered by H-D Financial Services, customers will have access to innovative, industry-leading financing solutions, to make purchasing even easier. Through the ‘Sell My Bike’ feature, customers will also be able to sell their motorcycles directly into the Harley-Davidson dealer network.”

Note that customers will be able to sell their motorcycles “into” the Harley dealer network, not “through” the network. That’s an important distinction—it implies H-D will re-sell the bike, instead of simply advertising a third-party customer’s bike. And, that certainly makes sense from a business perspective.

Or maybe it’ll all be different when the program comes to Canada. We’re sure to hear more about the whole plan here in coming months.





  1. So your 2014 HD with the twisted crankshaft, worn out compensator, second or third oil pump redesign, along with the several clutch slave cylinder and brake system recalls is now going to be magically A-OK because its now HD certified. What a bunch of suckers. HD never fails to to keep suckering in the faithful.

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