KTM 300 EXC TPI ErzbergRodeo: Top-shelf components for top-level competition

Photo: KTM

KTM continues its partnership with the Red Bull Erzbergrodeo, withan updated high-spec two-stroke 300 made to celebrate the famous hard enduro race.

The Erzbergrodeo is one of the world’s toughest motorcycle races (see below). The 2022 KTM 300 EXC TPI Erzbergrodeo machine has a few key upgrades to make you at least feel like a hard enduro racer, even if you’re just a chump like the rest of us.

The special-edition graphics are probably the first thing you notice with the new bike, including the bright racing-orange frame and factory wheelset with anodized hubs. However, the beauty is more than skin-deep here.

KTM put tough wraparound handguards on the Erzbergrodeo bike, a factory racing seat and skid plate, CNC-machined triple clamps, rad fan and rad guards, a Supersprox Stealth sprocket, protection for the chain guide/clutch cylinder/rear brake disc, a rear brake safety cable, and other updates. Stock, the machine comes with Metzeler 6 Days Extreme tires.

Fuel-injected two-stroke goodness. Photo: KTM

KTM bigwig Joachim Sauer says the bike is 100 percent built for one purpose: tackling extreme routes like the Erzbergrodeo. To that end, some of the bike’s features were actually developed by KTM’s factory racing team, allowing the rider to benefit from top-level racing experience.

We haven’t seen anything about upgrades to the engine, so expect the 300 cc two-stroke to be much the same as the standard model. At this point, we also haven’t seen anything about Canadian availability; it’s just coming out in Europe now, so if we do get it here, it could be months away (the 2021 model didn’t show up until late fall in 2020). Expect a price tag over $15,000 if/when it arrives in Canadian dealerships.

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