USWE releases CORE moto-backpack series

Swedish manufacturer USWE says it’s bringing you a better motorcycle backpack.

If you’ve spent much time riding with a backpack, you know the frustrations of a poorly-fitted pack. Long days in the saddle will wear you out, if your backpack is sliding around or digging into your shoulders.

USWE says its new strap design avoids that—it’s planted the whole time. After developing packs for sports like trail running and mountain biking, USWE now sets its sights on the offroad motorcycle scene, with the CORE backpack line.

A trick strap system is the key to the USWE Core design.

The CORE packs use USWE’s NDM straps and Snug-Me waist belt design to keep the pack firmly in place, even when you’re moving around on the bike. The back pad is also adjustable, allowing riders of different sizes to properly fit their pack to their body. It’s also ventilated for airflow, and the backpack itself is built for external armour attachment (increasingly, moto backpacks are coming with capability to install back protection).

The straps have attachments for accessories (LED lights, first aid kit, etc.), and also come with easily-accessible phone pocket. There’s a padded goggle pocket at the top of the bag, and a toolkit included in the organizer compartment. USWE also added cinch-down straps to the body of the backpack, allowing you to keep everything neat and tidy when the bag isn’t at max capacity.

All tidy and neat. Photo: USWE

There are two versions of the pack; neither are very big, which is probably a good thing, as it means you won’t overload yourself while offroading. The 16-litre CORE backpack sells for $239 US; the 20-litre CORE backpack is listed at $249 US. We have not seen Canadian pricing yet. See more deets at USWE’s website!


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