Honda confirms updated Grom, NC750X, CB1000R for Canada

Photo: Honda

Honda Canada confirms it will bring the updated-for-2021 versions of the Grom, NC750X, and CB1000R motorcycles to Canada this spring, and now we know pricing, too. 

All these models should be in dealerships by May.


The goofy Grom minibike gets a five-speed gearbox for 2021. When the EU version debuted, Honda said the extra gear (the first-generation and second-generation Groms were four-speeds) would boost top speed from 92 km/h to 94 km/h. Chances are, most riders won’t see much difference, and they also won’t see much difference in the new flat seat and minimal fuel capacity increase.

However, if you’re one of those keeners that loves to customize your minibike (and this is indeed a surprisingly busy scene), then you might be chuffed to see the Grom’s new bodywork. Honda says the new fairings are easily removed, making DIY mods even easier.

For 2021, the Grom is only available in a slick red/blue/white finish, with $3,899 MSRP. ABS is optional, for another $200. More details at Honda’s website.

Photo: Honda


Honda’s practical ADV bike had a long list of upgrades for 2021. The engine sees some changes to the valves, a new exhaust, a revised gearbox and new ride-by-wire throttle. The result? More horsepower, more down-low-torque, a higher redline, and new adjustable traction control and engine mode features. Supposedly, the updated parallel twin engine makes 59 horsepower at 6,750 rpm, and 51 pound-feet of torque at 4,750 rpm. 

DCT is still optional for 2021. 

Honda updated the frame, lowering the weight and also reducing seat height. The forward storage compartment has more volume now, and there’s new bodywork, and LED lights.

All told, the bike now weighs 6 kg less, with more power. Definitely decent updates, and contrary to the direction many OEMs are taking with their “revised for emissions” updates. MSRP starts at $9,799, with ABS starting at $10,799. See more information at Honda’s website.

Photo: Honda


This neo-retro naked sees minimal changes for this year. There’s a new 5-inch TFT display; Honda re-styled the headlight and wheels, and added a USB charger under the seat. Honda also says the bike has smoother power delivery, and it gets the “Black Edition” label, which certainly doesn’t add any horsepower. Windscreen, passenger-seat cover and quickshifter are all standard. MSRP is $15,799; more details here.


  1. Sorry Honda… you really don’t have my interest in mind. We don’t want the Grom but I’d buy a Monkey or Trailer 125 in a heartbeat. The longer they wait to bring in a cool looking mini moto, the less interested I am in Honda.

  2. I was hoping the Trail 125 would be coming here this year… But who am I kidding anyway, if they did rerelease it here they would probably be asking $7K or something silly for it anyway.

  3. So who at Honda Canada decided that we get the red, white and blue model only?
    The CB1000 is drop dead gorgeous though.

  4. Sorry Honda but most of your bikes don’t interest me in the least. Of the few that do catch my eye, the Monkey and the Trail 125 for example, aren’t available in Canada anyway.

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