BMW recall

Recall #: 2020-570
Models Involved: 2019-2021 BMW R1250 GS, R1250 RT, S1000 RR, S1000 XR
Number of Vehicles: 1,629
Issue: On certain motorcycles, the front brake calipers may leak a small amount of brake fluid when parked. Over a long time, this could empty the fluid reservoir. If this happens, the motorcycle will have reduced brake performance. This problem may result in brake fluid on the front tire or wheel, and on the ground after the motorcycle has been parked for an extended period. The owner’s manual has information for how to check the brake fluid level before riding.
Note: This recall replaces BMW recall 34 003 20 (008) (Transport Canada recall 2020-377). Motorcycles that were repaired under that recall also require this repair.
Safety Risk: Reduced front brake performance can cause extended stopping distances and increase the risk of a crash.
Corrective Actions: BMW will notify owners by mail and instruct you to take your motorcycle to a dealer to inspect the front brakes. The calipers will be replaced, if necessary.

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