New Shoei RF1400 is an incremental update

Shoe’s got another update to its RF line of helmets. The new RF1400 is very similar to the RF1200, a current cornerstone in Shoei’s lineup, but it has several smaller updates that continue the RF line’s evolution.

If you’re familiar with Shoei’s current RF models, you know what you’re in for. The RF1400 has a “Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ shell,” made of fiberglass overlaying other materials for a strong, yet elastic, construction. Shoei used lots of wind tunnel testing to refine the new helmet’s shape, cutting down on drag and wind noise. Shoei also says it’s the company’s lightest helmet shell ever, and it comes in four sizes, so riders with smaller heads can have smaller helmets for weight reduction.

Shoei put six intake vents on the helmet, and four exhaust vents. The inside of the helmet has a multi-density, dual-layer EPS foam liner, long the standard in the industry. Although some other manufacturers are moving into new designs, this still works just fine for Shoei.

There’s a quick-release system on the new RF1400, allowing EMTs and other emergency personnel to quickly and safely remove the helmet. The interior of the helmet features multi-layer cheek pad that can be adjusted for a custom fit. Other helmet interior pads are also switchable for comfort, and the whole inner liner can be removed for washing. Nobody likes a stanky helmet …

Even the helmet’s face shield gets upgrades. It’s made with 3D injection molding, supposedly eliminating distortion, and there are Vortex Generators, whatever those are, built into the shield, to cut down on wind noise and improve aerodynamics. The shield itself locks in the middle, to reduce binding when opening and closing. The shield is compatible with the Pinlock Evo fog-resistant liner, which has increased viewing field compared to the older Pinlock systems.

Shoei’s selling the RF1400 in solid ($499 US( and print graphics ($599 US). We haven’t seen Canadian pricing or availability yet. More deets at Shoei’s website.

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