Dainese buys up TCX

The Italian moto industry saw a shake-up last week, with the Dainese Group buying out TCX and adding it to its stable of brands.

At this point, the Dainese Group now owns Dainese (which makes a broad spectrum of moto gear, from jackets to pants to boots and more), AGV (which focuses on helmets and leathers) and now TCX (which focuses on a broad range of footwear). 

Dainese’s presser plays this move as an investment in the industry, not a takeover. The reality is, the bigger players in the industry are poised to control an even larger percentage of the business post-COVID, as smaller players scrape by and medium-sized players get squeezed out.

“Improving safety in dynamic sports has always been the Dainese mission,” said Cristiano Silei, CEO at Dainese Group. “TCX shares with Dainese the passion for product and adds technical and development skills that are fundamental in motorbike footwear. I welcome the TCX team—we’re extremely excited to be working together.”

This is good news for customers who are looking for a chance to try on TCX boots before buying, as Dainese will theoretically be selling them through the chain of Dainese stores now. But—for now, Dainese doesn’t have any stores in Canada, despite several in larger US cities. Still, with Dainese’s big pockets backing the brand now, it should be easier for riders to get their hands on these boots.

For a look at TCX’s lineup, head over to the company’s website.

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