Ducati teases new V4 engine online

There’s a new Ducati V4 engine coming soon—and that’s all we know for sure, although there are lots of hints the motor will be used for an all-new Multistrada.

Ducati started teasing the new engine on its website and through social media with the tagline “4 is lighter than 2.” In other words, Ducati’s new V4 engine will be lighter than the outgoing L-twin engine. Ducati tells us it’s 1.6 kg lighter, which, well isn’t probably going to blow anybody’s mind.

However, the second data leak says the new engine will be “ ‘gentle’ yet ‘exciting when needed.’ ” That’s a bit more interesting—maybe we’re looking at variable valve timing, then? Ducati’s already got the tech, and it certainly seems to be the way of the future for high-performance four-strokes.

You can keep up with Ducati’s cryptic updates on its website. Expect the machine to be fully unveiled in the next six weeks or so, during the time period when EICMA would normally run. Until then, be prepared for another long teaser campaign.

Along with those enigmatic/silly taglines, Ducati’s also posted photos of pavement and desert terrain with the teasers. That certainly sounds like we’re looking at a new Multistrada, although Ducati might want to use the engine in other motorcycles as well. Maybe there’s a new Monster coming as well?

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