The new Ural Weekender SE is a different kind of adventure bike

Looking for a new adventure bike, but tired of the usual high-horsepower, big-dollar machines that come loaded with electronics, farkles and a sky-high seat? Ural’s got just what you’re looking for, with the new Weekender SE sidecar rig … maybe.

Of course, Ural is the Russian motorcycle manufacturer that focuses on retro sidecar rigs. Although the lineup has modern improvements like EFI, the basic design looks an awful lot like a retro BMW. That’s because Ural got its start in the days before World War II, cranking out copies of German military motorcycles for use during the unpleasantries of the early 1940s. Now, Ural sells its bikes to civilians instead, although it does keep a toe in the military market, as this classic demonstration video shows. 

The Weekender SE is actually based on Ural’s Gear Up model, with selectable sidecar wheel drive; get stuck, and you can engage the sidecar wheel for 2WD capability. There’s a hand-painted two-tone finish, looking a lot like something the other Euro OEMs would market at hipsters, calling it a scrambler. The Weekender SE has chrome trim and wheels, an upgraded vinyl tonneau and sidecar skirt and auxiliary fog lamps on the sidecar. As you can see from the photos, you can also add a trailer hitch to the sidecar. This optional accessory allows you to attach a basket for extra cargo space, or a bicycle rack, or whatever else fits on there. What it does to your handling, well, that’s for you to find out.

Canadian MSRP for this machine is $26,079. Ural’s had some issues with its supply chain this year, but says it expects 2021 machines to be delivered in September. For more information, head over to Ural’s website.


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  1. I was reading an article a few years back about an Ural that had been electrified by adding a Zero electric motor and battery pack.
    The writer seemed quite impressed by the machine.
    Any word from the factory on their plans for electrics going forward?

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