Charlottetown cracking down on loud pipes

Police in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, are ramping up traffic enforcement against motorcycles, reports the CBC—and loud pipes are supposedly a big part of the problem.

A member of the city police force told the CBC there’s been a higher number of complaints over motorcycle noise this summer, resulting in more traffic patrols aimed at the problem. Constable Tim Keizer says he figures there are more people working from home this year, which means they’re more aware of what’s going on in their neighbourhoods, resulting in an increase in calls.

Keizer says there are extra traffic officers on-duty now, and they’ve been fielding calls for things like speeding in the downtown core, or riders revving their bikes at stoplights. He’s not anti-bike; he told the CBC that he enjoys riding motorcycles himself, but riders need to be conscious of their environment.

Another problem that’s popped up this summer: Wannabe riders haven’t been able to get proper licencing, as highway safety testing staff have been backlogged due to COVID-19. Keizer says that’s resulted in a larger number of riders caught without the proper license class. No doubt this problem is not restricted to Charlottetown, as riding schools and DMVs across the country were closed down for weeks at the start of riding season.

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