Another take on the Yamaha Tenere 700: Pol Tarres Goes Offroading

We’ve just posted Dustin’s review of the Yamaha Tenere 700, and it’s exactly what most adventure bike riders are doing: around-town riding, bumpy backroads, mild gravel travel.

However, when Yamaha launched the Tenere 700, it debuted with promise of great offroad capability. Yamaha must have figured the world wasn’t quite getting that message, because we’ve got this new marketeering vid featuring enduro/trials rider Pol Tarres putting the bike through its paces. 

It’s very impressive. Hang around the industry long enough, and you’ll get a chance to see Baja/Dakar stars putting big bikes through their paces, and it’s always fun to watch. You shouldn’t be able to ride a massive ADV machine like a dirt bike, but these guys can. In this case, remember the T7 doesn’t have the same electronics package as the big-bore machines from KTM or BMW, either. Not that that’s going to help you for most of this hoon riding.

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