NBC allegedly inks deal with MotoGP—but what does it mean for Canadians?

Why do we get the feeling that if we peeled off Rossi's skin, we'd find an unaging metal cyborg underneath? Photo: Facebook

Multiple Internet news outlets are reporting MotoGP has ended its US broadcasting deal with BeIN Sports, and will soon be working with NBC. But, we haven’t seen official confirmation from Dorna yet, and there’s no word on what that means for Canada.

The reports seem to have started with Adam Stern, who says NBC has a “multi-year media rights deal.” His other news isn’t promising: He says NBC will have three races on tape delay, and NBCSN will have five live races (presumably interrupted for commercials). The other races will be broadcast on NBCSN on tape delay.

NBC is also supposed to broadcast at least six WSB races this year.

We haven’t seen anything yet regarding NBC streaming, so presumably, if you want to watch live racing, the best way to do so will be via MotoGP’s video pass program.

Since Canada doesn’t necessarily get the same video rights that NBC does in the US, this deal is no guarantee we’ll see the same programming here. Will BeIN still broadcast roadracing in Canada? We’ll tell you, when we know more.


  1. Can anybody confirm if NBC Sports Gold is showing MotoGP? If so there may be hope for Canadian MotoGP fans. I still view NBC’s takeover from Bein Sports to be a nightmare, NBC just plucking aside live coverage, pretending Moto2 and Moto3 do not exist. This is EXACTLY the type of deal that can kill the sport for for its fans in Canada. Can there be some sort of agreement made where TSN or Sportsnet can show races? It could definitely work, as like F1, the majority of the races are on in the morning in Canadian time zones.

  2. the MotoGP subscriptions is a few bucks but very worth it. Great coverage. If you had a friend or two the costs can be shared say….. one friend buys the WSB package and you the MotoGP and passwords shared.

  3. Get yourselves an android tv box from a reliable local programmer. I’ve been watching full coverage motogp and wsbk commercial free for years. BT Sports (motogp) and Eurosport (wsbk) . Practice , qualifying, superpole , etc all inclusive.

  4. If it’s like NBCs broadcasts of IMSA racing then it maybe shown on Discovery Vilocity or more likely not at all, for we as Canadians don’t have access to any of NBCs web or Sports channels.
    Which means we get hosed of more real good racing other then F1 and NASCAR(UGH)

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