Damon Hypersport debuts at Consumer Electronics Show

Credit: Damon

Canadian startup Damon was at the Consumer Electronics Show yesterday, unveiling its Hypersport electric motorcycle. We don’t have all the specs we’d like, but we do have a much better idea of the new machine’s performance. Or at least, the claimed performance—nobody’s seen this bike in operation yet.

The big numbers include a range of more than 320 km (combined city and highway riding), a top speed over 320 km/h, and an electric motor that’s good for 147.5 lb-ft of torque and the equivalent of 200 hp.

Those specs are good enough for the Hypersport to hold its own in the world of electric superbikes; they’re actually superior to some of the high-end machines on the market, including the Harley-Davidson LiveWire.

We have not seen an official weight listed anywhere, although show attendees are saying it’s in the 200 kg range. We also have not seen a recharging time, and the press release does not mention battery capacity. The website does have a 21.5 kWh rating hidden away in the specs, though. That makes the 200-kg weight seem optimistic.

Of course, the Hypersport also has the much-vaunted adjustable ergos, made to change the riding stance from aggressive to relaxed—see a demonstration below. Not only is this proof that the idea works, sort of, but it’s also proof that Damon has actually built a working model of the bike, and isn’t just flogging 3D renderings.

The Hypersport will also come with Damon’s Co-Pilot advanced warning system, which combines cellular technology, AI, cameras and onboard sensors that monitor traffic and road conditions for danger. If Co-Pilot senses trouble ahead, the rider is notified by haptic, audio or visual cues.

Co-Pilot can track up to 64 moving objects at once, running on Blackberry’s QNX technology.


All very cool-sounding, but practically speaking—what’s the cost, and when and where can you buy a Hypersport?

The base model Hypersport will have a $24,995 US price tag (an upscale Hypersport Premier, with Brembo brakes, Ohlins suspension, carbon-fibre swingarm and trick paint will cost you $39,995). It’s supposed to hit the market in 2021 (a very aggressive timeline), and Damon says it plans to sell directly to consumers, drop-shipping the bikes instead of selling through dealerships. How will that work for warranties and other service? Stay tuned …


  1. I’m most impressed with the adjustable ergonomics on the bike. If they’ve patented it they might make the most money from licensing that technology.

    I can imagine how distracting the ‘threat alerts’ will be when riding in a busy city. If it’s anything like lane departure warnings on new cars, I will take a pass.

    • We’ve had over 100 riders test it, including media, OEMs and the Los Angeles Police riders. It’s unintrusive to the rider and only alerts for forward collision warnings via haptic handlebar vibration. It works incredibly well because we programmed it to ignore all the false positives that you could imagine in a busy city. Give it a rest ride later this year!

  2. I believe I read a 3 hour charging time somewhere else but can’t remember the type of charger being used, sounds long to me.

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