Damon is developing a new electric motorcycle

Credit: Damon

Damon, the Canadian motorcycle safety tech startup, is now working on building electric motorcycles.

Last June, Damon grabbed plenty of headlines for its Co-Pilot advanced warning system, a combo of cellular technology, AI and onboard sensors that monitor traffic and road conditions. If dangerous conditions are detected, the rider gets a notification by haptic, audio or visual cues.

All very cool, but Damon’s decided to go further, and develop its own electric motorcycle, instead of fitting its technology to other manufacturers’ bikes. Damon calls its new bike the Hypersport Pro. It plans to debut the machine at Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show.

Of course, it’s going to have the Co-Pilot safety system, which Damon claims can track up to 64 objects at once. Originally, Damon said it was designing the system around 5G cell network capability, but it sounds as if it’s adapted it for current 4G networks.

Along with Co-Pilot, the Damon Hypersport Pro will also have instantly adjustable ergos. Press a button or two, and the bike will change its riding position from a crouched-over supersport stance to something more relaxed. Or at least, that’s what the developers are hyping at this point. We’ll see what actually appears at the CES show. There’s been no announcement of range, output, weight or other important details at this point, and certainly no MSRP or market availability.


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