Car vs. Bike: Rossi is racing Lewis Hamilton next week

It’s a showdown for the ages, a battle of titans: MotoGP racer Valentino Rossi and Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton will have a showdown next week, on-track.

Sounds interesting, but it gets even better. To add to the challenge, they’re switching vehicles; Rossi will drive Hamilton’s F1 car, and Hamilton will ride Rossi’s MotoGP bike. The race will go down at Valencia, on Monday.

Why Hamilton vs. Rossi? Both racers are multiple-time world champions, and are sponsored by Monster Energy, which has put the little contest together. And, they’ve both had experience in the others’ shoes, so to speak. Hamilton’s not exactly raced bikes, but he has ridden a track day at Jerez with the Yamaha WSB team and does plenty of other lower-profile two-wheeled track days.

As for Rossi, he’s been on-track for fun in Formula 1 cars several times over the years, and regularly races (and wins) the Monza Rally. There’s been plenty of talk of Rossi moving to cars after finishing with bikes, but he seems to be holding out in MotoGP as long as he can  …

No doubt footage of the race will show up on YouTube quickly, but we haven’t heard of anywhere else you can watch the showdown.

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