Hepco & Becker develops line of KTM 790 Adventure accessories

Take your adventure bike offroad, and you’ll end up beating it up, sooner or later. That’s especially true if it’s aimed at pushing the limits in the dirt, like the KTM 790 Adventure line … so, it’s a good thing Hepco & Becker has put together a line of accessories for the bike.

Of course, KTM has its own accessory line for the 790 Adventure series, but sometimes the manufacturers’ equipment is too expensive, or too flimsy, and sometimes they just don’t make the bits that adventure riders want. That’s when the aftermarket comes in.

For the 790, Hepco & Becker has put together a decent package of the basic bits you’d want to outfit any adventure bike with, including a set of engine guards (pictured above) that should also protect the plastic fuel tank in a crash. There’s a sidestand foot, which will prevent tip-overs in soft terrain, and a headlight guard to stop roost or trailside branches from smashing your lens.

Bolt on some Hepco & Becker cases to these pannier racks, and you’re off touring.

ADV riders are always looking to add on luggage, and Hepco & Becker also provides accessories for your 790’s carrying capacity. As you’d expect, there’s a set of pannier racks and a rear rack that enlarges the stock unit. Presumably, Hepco & Becker’s luggage offerings will easily mount to these hard points. And, Hepco & Becker is selling a mounting ring that attaches over the fuel cap, making a quick-detach mount for its Street Tourer M tank bag.

An interesting, and simple solution to beef up plastic handguards.

Finally, Hepco & Becker also came up with an interesting way to beef up the stock KTM handguards, which are just plastic shells, with no metal core to provide toughness. To prevent the handguards from folding up in a crash, Hepco & Becker now sells a set of crash bars that fit over the OEM units, providing the toughness that most riders will need sooner or later, if they ride offroad.

So what about pricing? So far, these items have not appeared on the Canadian Twisted Throttle website, but they’ll be there shortly, we’d imagine.


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