Fredericton looks at new “noisy vehicle” laws


A few years after its loud pipes laws failed to achieve any real change, Fredericton is at it again.

CBC reports New Brunswick’s capital city is once again planning to tackle street noise with a bylaw. City councillor John MacDermid is the man behind the the move, proposing council look into new rules to govern noisy vehicles. What noisy vehicles? “Trucks, bikes and hot rods,” says CBC.

As usual, the sensible reply is how the city will enforce it, and how to make the tickets stick. After all, that’s the usual reason these programs fall apart—either the courts find issue with the sound measuring techniques, or that the laws unfairly single out a particular group (motorcyclists).

Fredericton city council will have to work out enforcement, but at least it’s aimed at all vehicles, not motorcycles in particular. However, everyone on council voted to approve the motion, and while it’s late in 2019’s summer to achieve change, we may see Fredericton join the list of anti-loud-pipe cities for 2020. MacDermid says he’s had a constant stream of communication from residents upset about vehicle noise, and that problem isn’t going to go away over the winter.


  1. A loud bike or car runs past my home and I hear it for maybe 3 to 6 seconds. This morning, the lawn mower guy showed up to trim the two yards across the road from me and was there for almost an hour, making more noise than any bike or car I’ve heard recently. But no one ever gripes about loud lawn mowers!! I guess the lawn-mowing people have sold the public on how important having a noisy mower is….maybe I should start selling “LOUD PIPES SAVE CHIPMUNKS” bumper stickers… 🙁 🙁

  2. Of course, if some towns, cities or housing developments can’t effectively ban loud vehicles, they can (and have) ban a whole class of vehicles. They may not be able to ban all heavy trucks, or passenger vehicles, without seriously impacting tourism, etc, but they sure can ban all motorcycles. See Quebec city, among others. Direct result of our “loud pipes save lives” moron brigade.

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