Ducati V4 Multistrada seems to be a certainty

For weeks now, there has been talk about a new V4-powered Ducati Multistrada. Now, a Facebook video seems to confirm it.

The gossip probably started with simple logical speculation, as Ducati loves to share its engine technology between platforms, and there’d certainly be demand for a V4-powered, street-biased adventure bike, along the lines of BMW’s S1000 RR.

But, in recent weeks, the buzz has been heating up, with German journos saying they’ve actually seen the bike, but were unable to get a photo of it. Shades of the Loch Ness Monster!

Then, to continue the cryptozoology theme, we’ve got the amateur footage above, recorded with the same care and precision as a Bigfoot film. It was posted on the Ducatisti Integralisti Facebook page, and if you can speak Italian, you can head there for more details. Otherwise, we’re sure we’ll see more about this bike in the news soon.

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