Peter Hickman wins Macau GP: Results

Photo: Peter Hickman/Facebook

Peter Hickman has won the Macau GP in a race that was shortened by a red flag.

It was Hickman’s third win at Macau (he won in 2015 and 2016). He took first after Phil Crowe and Ben Wylie were involved in a crash that brought out the red flag (neither was hurt seriously), but Hickman started on pole and also had the fastest lap, so his win is certainly legit—not that you’d ever question anyone’s results at the crazy-dangerous Macau race.

Hickman won the race aboard a BMW S1000RR, and his teammate Michael Rutter (on the right, in the photo above) was second aboard a Honda RC213V. Hickman managed eight laps with a 19:31.386 race time.

Although some of the names you might expect weren’t at Macau this year, it was John McGuinness’s first time back in a couple of years, as he’s been still on the mend after binning his Honda at the Isle of Man TT. He earned 10th, but didn’t challenge for the front this time around.

2019 Macau GP results:

1. Peter Hickman, UK (BMW S1000RR)
2. Michael Rutter, UK (Hon RC213V), -0.795 second
3. Martin Jessopp, UK (Duc Panigale R), -7.434 seconds
4. Danny Webb, UK (BMW S1000RR), -8.168
5. Gary Johnson, UK (Kaw ZX-10RR), -9.112
6. Horst Saiger, Austria (Yam YZF-R1), -18.212
7. David Johnson, Australia (BMW S1000RR), -22.739
8. Derek Sheils, Ireland (BMW S1000RR), -27.728
9. Davey Todd, UK (BMW S1000RR), -28.742
10. John McGuinness, UK (Duc Panigale R), -32.564

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