Stolen helmet results in pepper spray assault in BC


Here’s a weird one that isn’t your everyday Canadian rider’s experience.

Chris Pelech of White Rock, BC, was out for a nice season-ending ride with his wife on Oct. 21 when they decided to go for lunch at a Maple Ridge bistro. All fine and dandy, until Pelech looked out while drinking his coffee and saw someone stealing his motorcycle helmet.

Pelech told BC Local News that he would have just let the thief get away with the helmet if it had been a less expensive model, but as it was a Schuberth C3 Pro worth $1,500, he chased the thief down. Unfortunately for him, the crook handed the stolen helmet off to an accomplice, then made a getaway by bicycle.

Pelech said he then followed the accomplice, but was driven back when the escaping man hit him with pepper spray. Despite the spray, Pelech continued the pursuit on foot, enlisting some bystanders to help, but eventually both thieves escaped.

In the aftermath, Pelech noted both the good and bad sides of people, saying he’d traveled through 49 countries, including developing nations, and had never been assaulted except for this mid-brunch incident in BC. But on the other hand, he appreciated the people who helped him, and the restaurant for giving him his meal without charge. Even though Canada proved to be a more dangerous area to ride than the Third World, at least his fellow citizens stepped up.

An experience like this is a bummer to say the least. But, we’re still left with one big question: How did Pelech ride home without his helmet?


  1. I have a friend reasonably close by and was lucky he was home ,he lent me his helmet so I could get the bike home once I could see . Other local’s from the bistro also offered the use of a helmet

  2. I had a full-face helmet stolen once from the helmet lock – the thief just cut the strap. Now, if I need to leave a full-face with my bike, I run a cable through the visor opening. Otherwise, I never leave a helmet on the bike, even if I can see it.

  3. Unfortunately these guys are experienced criminals. They have been caught many times and the punishment is nothing, then released….if they are actually convicted 1:50 times. I blame scumbag lawyers and politicians that arm the Justice system in teaching all criminals its nothing to worry about. I met one guy who said going to jail is like a paid vacation. As a bonus when he gets out he gets a cheque from the government.

  4. I feel for the guy as it sucks to be screwed over by a lowlife thief. However, he was assaulted because he pursued the thief. Perhaps lucky for him the thief was only packing pepper spray.. Maybe even a Schuberth isn’t worth the risk.

    • Soooo, just let all the lowlifes take what they want and sit waiting for the cops to arrive and do nothing? No sir, I got a dollar in my pock saying you would take after them and try to get your stuff back too, and then give them a bit of a pounding for good measure. As I would. Make them think twice before they do it again.

      However if you fell it safer to sit and watch someone take your stuff, totally up to you sir.

      • If you did that you would be charged and the thief, be free, we are in Canada and the laws here are made to protect the thief, and they know it.

      • My cousin (a 6’5″ black belt) caught 2 lowlife thieves stealing from his car, one night. After loosening some teeth and beating them long and hard (the 2 idiots were actually screaming : “Call the police, call the police!” during their work-over, hahahaha), he took both their wallets and promised them an entertaining visit to their homes should the police ever show up at his door or anything get stolen from his property.

        He has never heard from those 2 morons again. It goes to prove that a good old fashion pounding does more good for our thieving bastards that any law that will be laughed at my them. If you let these scum-bags get away with stealing, they will just come back in droves. Beat them hard, long and loud! And don’t forget to take their wallets in case you need to pay them another visit.

  5. I had someone try to steal my $20.00 ebay “cafe” bubble visor of my helmet. I guess they thought it was worth more? Don’t leave anything just sitting on your bike. It’s an invitation for scumbags to steal it. They’ll take anything they can get their hands on.

  6. Years ago I left a helmet locked to my KZ650 in Montreal at the old Expo site.
    Came back 1/2 hr and it was gone except for the metal rings on the helmet hook.
    I was so mad, I got on the bike and rode to the nearest place to replace it.
    Not caring if I got pulled over or not. I have never left my helmet since!

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