Zero upgrades models again, with more power, more range

It’s that time of the year again, when US-based electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero announces its upgraded lineup. And, as usual, Zero says some of next year’s models will have more power, or longer battery life. And this year, they’ve also paid a bit mote attention to styling.

As usual, Zero  has a lineup that consists of a naked bike (Zero S), two dual sport models (Zero DS, Zero FX), and a supermoto (Zero FXS); as usual, there are upscale versions of two of these models, for customers who want more performance. The Zero S, the naked bike model, is also available as the Zero SR, with a more powerful motor. The Zero DS dual sport model is also available with a more powerful motor; this version is called the Zero DSR.

The base model DS and S bikes see a boost in horsepower this year (a “35% performance jump” according to the Zero press release), which of course translates to a higher top speed.

Also, as usual, the base model bikes are available with either a 7.2 kW battery, or a 14.4 kW battery. The R models come with the 14.4 kW battery as standard. Either battery pack can be combined with Zero’s accessory Power Tank battery to add range, and this year, the DS ZF14.4 gets the same battery pack as last year’s DSR model, which extends range another 10 per cent for that model (262 km city riding, 126 km highway riding, 169 km mixed riding). The 2019 Zero S also sees a 10 per cent boost in range, with a claimed the 288 km in the city, 145 km on the highway, and 193 km combined.

Adding the 6 kW Power Tank extends that range by about 135 km in the city, 30 km on the highway. The Power Tank is intended to be installed by a Zero dealer, and is compatible withn Zero machines back to 2015. It also allows faster recharging; hooking up to a Class 2 charging station allows recharging six times as fast as a wall socket.

See more details on the new machines in Zero’s press release below.


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SANTA CRUZ, Calif., (October 23, 2018) Zero Motorcycles, the global electric motorcycle sales and innovation leader, today announced the release of its 2019 model line. With more powerful base models, brand new tech features, extended range and bold new styling, this year represents the strongest lineup of motorcycles in Zero’s history.

“At Zero Motorcycles, we’ve defined the electric motorcycle industry over the past 13 years by developing a diverse lineup that features the world’s most power and energy dense EV tech,” said Sam Paschel, CEO of Zero Motorcycles. “Having sold more electric motorcycles annually than all our competitors combined, we continue to be the driving force behind two-wheeled electrification. This is going to be a very exciting year for Zero Motorcycles.”

For 2019 Zero focused on its dual sport line to support the surging demand that the brand has been experiencing. The entry price point Zero DS ZF7.2 is designed for those seeking the electric dual sport experience and who don’t need, or want, a larger battery. In a major breakthrough, the exceptionally nimble model now boasts an impressive 35% more horsepower and an 8% higher top speed. At 96 lbs lighter than its longer-range counterpart, this model is going to be even more fun.

The new longer-range Zero DS ZF14.4 now leverages the same battery as the premium Zero DSR to extend its range by 10 per cent over last year. This allows the 2019 Zero DS to be configured with a range of 204 miles in the city and 97 miles on the highway. 

The pinnacle bike in the dual sport line, the asphalt and dirt ripping Zero DSR, continues to be wildly popular among riders with its massive 116 ft-lb of seamless torque. This year it has been newly outfitted with a collection of Zero’s bestselling accessories including a dual-sport windscreen, tank grips, hand guards and a 12V accessory socket.

“Zero was founded with an emphasis on off-road and how electric powertrain technology can transform that riding experience. Whether bombing down a fire road or quietly weaving through a forest, Zero’s dual sport line strips away noise and complication to redefine what a motorcycle can be,” said Abe Askenazi, CTO of Zero Motorcycles. “In a word, effortless. Just you, two wheels, and a fist-full of always-there torque for wherever the road takes you.”

Upgrades to the dual sport line drove parallel improvements in Zero’s street lineup with the opening price point and lower weight Zero S ZF7.2 offering the same incredible 35% performance jump as the base model Zero DS. Meanwhile, the new longer-range Zero S ZF14.4 travels 10% farther than last year and can be configured to deliver the lineup’s longest range with up to 223 miles in the city and 112 miles on the highway.

To expand the charging capabilities of its dual sport and street line, Zero launched a backwards-compatible accessory version of their extremely popular 6kW Charge Tank that can now be installed at authorized local dealerships. The new Charge Tank accessory is designed with long-term owners in mind and is compatible with Zero S, Zero SR, Zero DS and Zero DSR models dating back to 2015. The Charge Tank “refuels” up to six times faster than a standard wall outlet, adding up to 85 miles of city range in an hour using standard Level 2 charge stations.

Whether charging, riding, or storing a Zero for a long winter, the motorcycle’s operating system is the “brains” behind it all. Zero continuously upgrades this system based on millions of consumer riding miles. For 2019, Zero developed and released an industry-first “Long Term Storage Mode” in which the motorcycle automatically puts itself into a low-power mode to optimize battery state-of-charge and further improve long-term battery health. Zero also continues to offer its industry-leading five-year/unlimited mile battery warranty.

In keeping with Zero’s brand update and visual revamp from last year, all 2019 models feature bold and sleek new styling, including an overhauled color scheme and undercoat graphics package. New colors include subtle Dune and Rhino Gray featured on the Zero FX and FXS, sophisticated Jet Black and Black Metallic for the Zero S and SR and sleek Sandstone and Caldera Metallic for the Zero DS and DSR.

Zero Motorcycles’ 2019 models are now available in select dealerships around the world and will begin shipping to customers immediately.


  1. Hey Zero, how about next year “same power, same range, dramatically lower price”. Or I guess a person could check out the (tiny) used market for that. Depreciation for EVs tends to be high.

  2. The evolution continues, and these bikes move to a visually more appealing state. The cost is not mentioned in this post. It’s a mental struggle of entertaining the idea of ownership. The feel good factor has to last past the initial purchase. Stomaching the price, and watching next years models be even better. I guess that follows with most any new motorcycle.

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