Ducati promises new Scrambler will cause a #joyvolution

There’s a new Scrambler coming from Ducati … and that’s all we know.

Yesterday, Ducati sent out a press release promising a new Scrambler model will be unveiled this weekend, causing a #joyvolution, whatever that is, and saying “Fun in the Land of Joy is evolving.” More details are coming on September 10.

However, there are three competing theories as to what the new bike is. The first theory is that Ducati has teamed up with an Indian manufacturer to build a small-capacity Scrambler. This seems unlikely, as given the complete inability of Indian manufacturers to keep a secret, we’d likely have seen the bike in spy shots from India by now.

The second theory is that we’re about to see a Desert Sled version of the Scrambler 1100, which is indeed plausible.

The third, and most likely, is that we’re going to see the 800 cc versions of the Scrambler overhauled. Why is this most likely? Because those machines have been around for a few years now, and most likely are ready for some tweaks ahead of Euro5 emissions standards being handed down.

Or maybe not. Whatever the story, we’ll know more September 10.

2 thoughts on “Ducati promises new Scrambler will cause a #joyvolution”

  1. September 10th is Monday. Since when are Mondays weekends? Perhaps this bike is so awesome that the world has declared a new statutory holiday on its day of release.

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