Here’s Harley-Davidson’s new cruiser concept

Along with its new adventure bike prototype and streetfighter teaser, Harley-Davidson also dropped a photo of a new cruiser coming soon.

The cruiser doesn’t have a name, but most likely it’ll be the replacement for the Sportster, as the EVO Sportster engine is going to have a tough time meeting emissions standards as the Europeans tighten those rules all the time. This cruiser appears to be built on the same 1250 cc liquid-cooled 60-degree V-twin design as the rest of the Harley-Davidson prototypes unveiled today.

Styling seems similar to the 2018 Fat Bob model, but without the scrambleresque tires. This cruiser, whatever H-D is calling it, seems to roll on more street-friendly rubber. There’s a set of USD forks, high-mount exhaust pipes lifted from the flat track scene, under-bar mirrors lifted from the Street Bob model … and a single front brake disc. Bummer.

However, if it’s lighter than the Fat Bob, it theoretically won’t need as much braking power, and other full-size models in the MoCo’s Softail lineup are making do with a single disc. But combine that single disc brake with a foot-forward riding position, and this bike is definitely not aimed for someone with sporty intentions—those customers will have to go buy the new streetfighter instead.


  1. I like the “Bratstyle” cut of this Bike, but please lower the exhaust pipes and give it some mid-mount controls … Forwards and “scrambler” pipes are not a good aesthetic mix IMHO

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