Harley-Davidson gets nasty with plans for new streetfighter

Along with the unexpected news of its first-ever adventure bike and unnamed cruiser concept,Harley-Davidson announced today that it will build a streetfighter, slated to hit the market in 2020.

Details are sparse. The machine will be based around a new liquid-cooled 60-degree V-twin platform, with a 975 cc engine capacity. This hints that the new V-twin will be similar to the old Sportster engine, which was available in 883 cc and 1200 cc configurations for most of its run; we know the new engine will be available in 1250 cc and 975 cc, and it’s likely it replaces that old air-cooled mill, which has been soldiering on since the 1980s. This would allow Harley-Davidson to lower tailpipe emissions, make more horsepower and also likely reduce production costs.

Aside from that, we mostly have to guess about the new bike, as the only real information we have is in the teaser photo. It appears to be rolling on proper 17-inch rubber, with dual Brembo Monobloc calipers up front. You can see there’s a belt drive, and minimalistic bodywork with aggressive styling. According to Harley-Davidson’s marketing copy, that’s “Unapologetic modern style with enough performance and agility to carve through city streets.” It does look the bit, although it doesn’t look exactly svelte. We’ll know more in coming months, most likely.


  1. I will remain hopeful, the picture looks good. The new Indian FTR is nice but too expensive, I expect the same for this bike. I will survey my HD friends. I expect this will not qualify for inclusion into the club, way too radical. C

  2. It’s gonna work this time we promise..
    HD has to get away from the vtwin. The 500/750 is at a disadvantage to the parallel twins of Honda, Yamaha, kawasaki (suzuki..not!)
    Dohc on a big vtwin creates a catoonishly oversize motor, high centre of gravity.

  3. The first production Harley that looks good (to me) ever. So many other good bikes already though their reputation / image would still steer me elsewhere. At least for the sake of their future and the people making a living building them they might just move to the present.

  4. Wow. That’s a shocker.
    Now let’s see if H-D can compete on performance and price against the rest of the world’s performance oriented bikes.
    Get the popcorn.

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