Confirmed: Suzuki SV650X coming to Canada

The Suzuki SV650X has neo-retro lines at an affordable price.

The Suzuki SV650X is coming to Canada.

Today, Suzuki Canada confirmed it’s bringing in the neo cafe racer, built around the long-running and highly reliable SV650 platform.

The marketeers did not have a price tag for the machine yet, or a solid arrival date; according to the communications manager, “Our plan is to have a model in Canada for the Motorcycle Show circuit and should have units available sometime this spring.” So, you’ll be able to see the machine this winter, hopefully, if you’re interested.

Canada will be getting the version with ABS, which is good news.

For the sake of reference, the current SV650 model (also equipped with ABS) retails for $7,799 in Canada normally (there’s a $400 rebate in effect right now). We’d expect this new cafe’d version to be priced higher, but not that much higher. Suzuki’s pricing is very reasonable these days, especially when you factor in its typical five-year warranty. While this V-twin’s recycled technology might not be the latest/greatest offering on the market, if it comes in with a low MSRP and good looks to compete with the other neo-retro offerings from Japan, this machine just might become a sleeper hit.


  1. The Yamaha XSR700 is $9599 (before taxes/shipping) In Vancouver. It’s a great looking bike with fantastic reviews. I wonder if people would pay the extra $$ over the SV?

      • Yamaha needs a “cafe’d or retro” styled motorcycle for the market. Trends have always sold bikes. It used to be race replica’s or street fighters. The last few years it’s been retro. The Versys is similar to the Tracer in looks.

        • Well they claim the XSR700 is retro-styled, and will not bring the SR400 in because it would cost too much to sell any units (MSRP too high to appeal to buyers). Yet Suzuki can sell the similar VanVan 200 for $4800? Go figure.

          • The SR doesn’t have electric start. I figure that would be a drawback for bike shoppers these days. I know they’re not that difficult to kick over but it’s the 21st century and people are spoiled. The few millennials that buy bikes are to soft to kick over a bike and the older people have bad hips or whatever. I have flat feet that ache night and day, kicking over a bike ain’t going to happen. I love the SR, put an electric start on it and sell it to the older riders that are too old to move large bikes around, not to mention cheap insurance.

            Also, I was told by a dealer that the smaller bikes are harder to move due to men and their feelings of inadequacy. They’ll buy more bike than they need. He was fine with that, he’s selling $10.000 dollar bikes to weekend warriors.

              • I’m always looking for a used Continental GT on Vancouver island but they are far and few between. They depreciate wonderfully being Indian made. I won’t pay $7000 for a new one. It’s a ridiculous sum of money for an Indian made bike with 29 horsepower at the crank.

              • I would actually love to try the new twin 650 RE interceptor! Not sure about RE quality control yet but at least they get the retro look right, compared to this Suzuki monstrosity.

                • The Suzuki growing on me and I’ll check it out in a couple of months when it’s in stock. It has a Mad Max quality I like. The 650 RE interceptor looks great. The engine really quite beautiful. It looks like a sexy lady. Sadly, it’s too heavy for my liking.

          • “will not bring the SR400 in because it would cost too much to sell any units”

            2017 model year is the end of the line for the SR. Yamaha Japan is discontinuing the following models:

            DragStar 250
            DragStar 400
            DragStar Classic 400
            Bolt C Spec

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