Piaggio MP3 Sport: The original leaning three-wheeler is updated


With all the ballyhoo over the new Yamaha Niken, not enough credit has been given to Piaggio for its MP3, the original leaning three-wheeler.

Well, in 2018, that MP3 is taking a step forward as well, with a considerable overhaul. The engine now makes more power (up 10 per cent, to a claimed 41 hp). There are new front brakes, with updated petal-type discs. The front suspension is also updated, the seat has been redesigned to be more comfortable, and the windshield offers more protection. The MP3 now features all-round LED lighting, and some of the bodywork has been updated.

The Piaggo-designed front end linkage remains unchanged, and traction control and ABS are still standard.

With all that said, can we expect to see it arrive here anytime soon? Who knows? It takes forever for interesting step-throughs to show up in Canada, if they ever show up at all. However, we’re hopeful to see it here next riding season, and we’ll give you the information when we know more.


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