New models in Moto Guzzi V7 III lineup offer utility, refinement

Moto Guzzi has added three new models to its V7 III lineup, with three different takes on its possibilities.

The three different models are the Rough, the Milano and the Carbon.

The Carbon is intended to have a performance bike look, with carbon-fibre bits and Brembo front brake, along with race styling. Of course, at its heart it’s not a race bike, but it’s a little more sporty looking than some of the other Guzzi models.

The Rough is a semi-scrambler. Moto Guzzi didn’t include high pipes, and never used the word “scrambler” in its promo copy, but it does have tires with a moderately aggressive tread, and a wide handlebar with fork gaiters and wire wheels to complete the look. You’ll never see one of these things launching off dunes in Baja, but if you live in an area with some nice gravel roads, you might not mind riding this machine along them at a very sedate pace.

Finally, the Milano is supposed to be more a refined motorcycle. It looks quite similar to the Rough, but with cast wheels, a lot more chrome bits, and much more civilized rubber.

We haven’t been given any arrival date for these machines in the Canadian market; we’d guess that decision is still a little while off.


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