MV Agusta hangs tight with Dragster 800 RR


If you’re on the fence about dropping 20 Grand on the 2017 or 2018 MV Agusta Dragster 800 RR, the embattled Italian company is making it easier by not really changing the bike very much for this year.

There are some updates, sure: its engine is now Euro4 compliant, making it cleaner and quieter than before (like Dragster owners want that), and there’s a new steering damper, front fender, and handlebars. It’s available in Glossy Grey with yellow or Pearly White with red. The ride modes have been twiddled with, and MV Agusta says there are now some “luxurious aluminum elements.” We’ll take their word for that.

It’s been a “batten down the hatches” year for MV Agusta while it tried to stay afloat. There’s been no proper money for research and development, so it’s made do with what it has, but that’s now apparently on the mend: there’s new Russian money invested and we’re waiting to see what it produces for next year.

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