More retro styling from Honda

Along with the CB1000R and CB300R unveiled yesterday, Honda is also showing off yet another cafe concept at EICMA this week, the CB4 Interceptor.

Put together by Honda’s Euro R&D facility (based in Rome, just up the road from the EICMA show), the CB4 Interceptor concept takes the Neo Sport Cafe idea and massages it into an endurance racer—sort of. Sadly, there are no big googly headlights. The kids just don’t go for that look these days.

As far as we can tell, the concept is just a design exercise, but with one silly built-in technical feature. According to Honda’s promo copy, “The front of the bike features a fan used to convert the motorcycle’s kinetic energy to power the touch-screen located on the tank. The screen provides constant connectivity, to allow the rider to follow the road through digital maps, make emergency calls or simply to connect devices.

Whether or not you want to remain connected to the outside world while you’re riding, the idea of using a wind-powered generator to do so, when the bike should have a perfectly functioning charging system, is a bit ridiculous. We’re fairly certain that’s one feature that won’t make it to production, once somebody starts looking at the actual energy efficiency of the concept.


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