Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX: A supercharged sport tourer for the 21st century

The Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX appears to be just the kind of bonkers, supercharged fun that most riders want, even if they can’t afford it.

As predicted, Kawasaki dropped the H2 SX on the world today at EICMA, the perfect environment for a bike this mad. Europeans “get” sport touring, and the idea of a supercharged sport tourer based on the H2 muscle bike would be enough to get the Euro moto-press all hot and bothered. Frankly, it’s getting us Canadian moto-journos kind of excited too …

What’s that, you wanted specific details? We know that, unlike the other H2  models, this bike is aimed less at brute horsepower (although it is allegedly packing 200 ponies) and more towards sensibility (if you can say that with a straight face, talking about a supercharged motorcycle). Kawi’s engineers supposedly designed this bike with an aim towards fuel efficiency, because saving gas money is the first thing you’re worried about when you’re dropping big bucks on a premium sport touring motorcycle, right?

Kawasaki says the Ninja H2 SX is designed to provide more power in the bike’s mid-range, as opposed to the top-end rush from the H2 and H2R. Those bikes were no slouches in the acceleration department either, so we’d guess the H2 SX will be a rocket ship on the streets. That power reconfiguration is due to significant changes to the engine’s internals; new cylinders, pistons, head, camshaft and supercharger. The compression ratio has risen from 8.5:1 to 11.2:1; that means the SX has more zip when the supercharger isn’t spooling as fast, but it also limits the amount of boost the supercharger can provide.

The H2 SX also has a new trellis frame; Kawasaki did not just throw extra bodywork on an H2 and call it a day. Engineers paid particular attention to the rear subframe, strengthening it to handle the load of luggage and/or passenger (GIVI-built panniers will be available at extra cost). Despite the extra fairing and touring add-ons, the H2 SX still only weighs 256kg wet. That’s only 18 kg more than the standard H2.

Suspension is pretty similar to the H2 model. There’s an engine limiter that can cut power to around 150 hp or 100 hp, just in case the rider gets into some slippery terrain. Other electronic rider aids include cruise control, cornering ABS and stability control.

Kawasaki also announced an upscale version of the H2 SX. The SE edition includes adaptive cornering lights, an up/down quickshifter, TFT dash, taller windscreen and launch control.

We’d expect to see the H2 SX arrive in Canada at some point, but we don’t know when, or at what cost. As for the SE edition, we’d expect to wait longer before that arrives.


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