Indian concept gets our heart racing

No, it’s not for sale, not yet anyway. Indian motorcycles just wants to celebrate its flat-track success this year with a road-going temptation that could come to Canada if we beg enough.

The Indian Scout FTR1200 is actually nothing like the 750cc racing flat-tracker, but we don’t care. Indian’s stuffed the 1,133 cc V-twin from its production Scout into a custom frame and trimmed 53 kg (117 lbs) from its weight in the process, so it’s nothing like the production Scout, either.

Indian’s taken the swingarm, fuel tank and some carbon-fibre bodywork from the race bike, though, as well as matching it up with an Ohlins suspension, S&S pipes and wheels from Roland Sands Design.

We think it looks fabulous and that Indian should make it and drop off the first one at the CMG garage. Who wants a scrambler when you can have a flat-tracker?


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  1. WOW!! If the price point was reasonable, I could certainly make room in my garage for that Indian. Just replace the carbon fibre with plastic, throw some bar end mirrors, epa mufflers and swing arm license plate. She is a beauty!!

  2. Wholly impractical, and as Larry suggests in Soapbox the exhaust needs some work but I NEED ONE !!!!
    Please, build it – please, please !

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