Yamaha introduces Tracer 900

Yamaha has revamped its FZ lineup, and one of the changes sees the FJ-09 sport tourer morphing into the Tracer 900.

What’s new? The updated bike gets new bodywork, larger windscreen (that Yamaha claims is easier to adjust), longer swingarm, and new seat. There’s a new handlebar setup, integrated side-case mounts for easier luggage attachment, new rear subframe, new passenger handles, and the passenger footpegs have been moved as well.

Although we haven’t seen an official horsepower number, torque seems to be the same as the outgoing FJ-09 model, so we’d guess the engine hasn’t been adjusted.

Wet weight is up to 214 kg; the previous model had a 210 kg curb weight. ABS is standard, as is traction control and riding modes. For us Canadians, pricing is up $700, to $11,999; the machine is already up on Yamaha’s Canadian website, so we’d expect to see it available well ahead of next riding season.

As is often the case, Yamaha also developed a high-spec version of this bike, the Tracer GT—and as is also often the case, there’s no sign that it’s coming to Canada. The GT has quickshifter as standard, along with heated grips, fully adjustable forks, and preload-adjustable monoshock. The GT also gets 22-litre sidecases fitted as standard.


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  1. Update! The GT is now coming to Canada. Around July, I believe. Perfect bike for me, and totally appreciate that common sense prevailed at Yamaha. Thanks for listening to your customers.

    I’ll be going to my favorite Yamaha dealer this weekend and putting a deposit !!

  2. I agree with above comments, the GT looks perfect. I sent a comment directly to Yamaha. Perhaps if enough people express interest directly to them they may listen. Worth a try. C

    • How were you able to express your interest. I would like to do the same. I truly wanted to purchase this bike Tracer GT, I almost bought 2017 model until I saw this new one.

      • I just went to their website and sent them an email. They responded the next day, thanked me for my opinion and said they would pass it up the chain of command. It should be easy, the basic bike is already on the Canadian site and the GT is coming to the US. No point of just complaining on this site, send it on directly to Yamaha, they are on a roll and building great bikes at the moment. I will not buy a bike with any touring intention without cruise control, simple for me. Already have CC on my 2010 R1200RT, love it, need it. Cam

        • I also wrote to them about this, and I certainly hope that the bean-counter type of person who made that decision (can’t be a rider…) will realize that, while clever on paper (it forces you to buy a Super Tenere or an FJR is you want to do real touring), it pissed off pretty much all the FJ-09 community (full disclosure, I own a 2015 FJ-09).

          I was ready to go to the dealer and put a deposit on a Tracer GT after seeing it online (EICMA reveal), until I saw that the americans were getting it, and we were not? I hope they come to their senses, as this bike will totally outsell the normal Tracer AND the new Triumph Tiger 800 XRT…

          • I just wrote them about it, too, expressing my disappointment that they didn’t bring the GT model. I was also “this” close to putting down a deposit on the GT until I read that we aren’t getting it. Does Yamaha Canada have its collective head stuck up its collective ass?

  3. Thanks Yamaha Canada. I’ll just import a GT from Yamaha USA to replace my current 2015 fj-09. Stupid stupid decision, considering how easy it is to bring a bike from the US…

    You have lost most sales for the model in order to protect the sales for the Super Tenere and the FJR. Instead, I’ll give my money and business to a Seattle dealer…

  4. Too bad the GT isn’t available in Canada but it isn’t the end of the world. If you like the bike there are still options for cruise control, even including a fully integrated CC that uses the Tenere or Fj1300 cc oem switchblock (at a premium price). Save some money and get a slightly older FJ-09.

  5. They’ve totally lost me if they’re not bringing the GT model, which has cruise control, to the Canadian market. Apparently the regular model still doesn’t. I’ll be damned if I’m going to buy a new sport-touring motorcycle in 2017 or 2018 that doesn’t have cruise control standard. I could probably live without the other upgrades on the GT model over the regular one, but I consider that a deal breaker.

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