Bad news, kids: The Yamaha T7 ADV bike is still a concept

Thousands of adventure riders around the world are going to be as disappointed as a kid who gets coal for Christmas, with tonight’s bad news: The Yamaha T7 adventure bike concept is still just a concept bike, at least for now.

It’s not all bad news. It seems Yamaha is still working on the T7 and does plan on bringing it to market; now, the prototype is called the Tenere 700 World Raid Prototype. More deets in the video above!


  1. So let me get this straight, Yamaha are bringing a three-wheeled monstrosity to market (which no one asked for that I’m aware), and are only at a ‘prototype stage’ with a middle-weight adventure bike many of us were begging for the last two years?! I even watched the live streaming and the air went out of the room when the Yamaha Exec announced the 2018 ‘prototype tour’. Even the host was at a loss for words at the disappointment.

  2. I saw the live Yamaha video stream of non launch. I’m hoping it becomes a mid to late 2018 model but the talking head said they want to spread test ride testing around the globe so that’s gonna take awhile. Yamaha may miss the upward part of the curve if they wait too long with a new KTM on board and revamped BMW850 and Triumph Tiger promised.

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