Spied! Honda is working on a new Gold Wing, F6B

It seems our predictions were right: a new Honda Gold Wing appears to be just around the corner.

Euro mags Oliepeil and MaxxMoto have published photos and details of what’s supposed to be an updated Gold Wing and F6B (we saw the photos at Asphalt & Rubber). Are they legit? As we said, Honda’s certainly planning to unveil something interesting in late October, and we’ve seen hints indicating that bike will be the newest iteration of the Gold Wing.

What’s changed? The bike seems to still have a flat-six motor, but front end geometry is altered; now, there’s a Hossack-style front suspension. Controls and gauges have been updated. There appears to be a full-sized touring version of the bike, which would be the Gold Wing, and a stripped-down version (with no topcase and a cut-down windshield), which should replace the current F6B.

The updated Gold Wing will likely officially debut on October 24.


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