Could Honda be teasing a new Gold Wing?


Honda’s got something big planned.

Although nobody’s told CMG what motorcycle is being unveiled in late October, we know we’ve got an invitation to the launch of this bike, along with a lot of other publications. It’s not a riding event; it sounds like a simple product release. But Honda’s paying to fly journos from all over Canada to California to see the thing, so it seems like it’s important to the brand’s future plans.

What bike could it be? Back in the spring, there were several rumours on the Interwebz that Big Red was planning to unveil a new Gold Wing. Could this be that announcement? It’s worth noting there’s no current-generation  Gold Wing in the video, unless you count the F6B at the end. It’s also worth noting the video is all about travel by bike, which has certainly been the idea that sold countless Wings around the world since the original model hit showroom floors in the 1970s.

It’s not a CBR1000 (that bike was just unveiled last year) and it’s doubtful, from the video, that it’s a new supersport or battery bike. And it’s not likely a new machine based on the 700 or 500 parallel twin platforms, or the 300 single platform, as those engines already power just about every style of bike imaginable.

We’ll share more when we know more, of course. Whatever the machine is, it’s supposed to be officially announced on October 24.


  1. Could a 1000- 1200 flat four like the older wings (they could easily make 80lbs torque, 90hp,) in a more svelt mid-80’s size be asking for too much?

  2. How about a silver wing based on the 1000 cc Africa twin engine for us old farts who want something much lighter but still able to run with the big boys.

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