Updated rules for BMW Motorrad Race Trophy

The BMW Motorrad Race Trophy will have updated rules for next season.

Founded in 2014, the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy replaced BMW’s World Superbike program. Instead of funding its own superbike racing program, this series allows BMW to funnel money to independent roadracing teams around the globe. These teams accumulate points in their own respective series, and are ranked against each other in the Race Trophy standings.

Last season, the Canadian Superbike Championship’s Jordan Szoke went undefeated in our national program, and converted those successes into victory in the Race Trophy series, taking home a nice cheque for his troubles.

Now, more series have been added to the Race Trophy program, along with some more cash awards and some more prizes.

The newly added series include Spain’s CEV series, and the MOTOch series held in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. The new prizes are for “Newcomer of the Year” and “Best BMW Rider in Class.”

The Newcomer of the Year award is just what it sounds like;  the racer who gets the most Race Trophy points of all the riders registered  for the program for the first time (minimum 100.00 points) gets a voucher for BMW parts, valued at 2500 Euros, to be redeemed if the rider races the next season.

The Best BMW Rider in class is for riders who are the highest-placed Beemer racer in their championship class and score a minimum of 100.000 points, but don’t make the top 30 in the Race Trophy rankings. These riders will get a 500 Euro bonus.

In past years, only the top 15 finishers in the Race Trophy standings got a payout, but now the program has been expanded to see  money funneled to the top 30 finishers.

More details on these changes, and other tweaks to the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy program, are available here.

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