Alta Motors Redshift ST concept to break cover at The One Show

alta motors redshift st

The new Alta Motors Redshift ST concept bike will be unveiled at Portland’s The One Show next month.

We haven’t heard much about the Redshift ST, but it appears to be a further evolution of Alta Motors’ Redshift platform, already in use in MX and supermoto forms. The Redshift platform has been under development a long time, but it is available now, unlike the vapourware promised by other electric motorcycle companies. And, it seems to do what it set out to do: Challenge internal combustion engine motorcycles on their terms.

Now, flat tracking is gaining attention in the US again, with Indian and Harley-Davidson both showing renewed interest at the pro racing level. At the grassroots level, so-called “hooligan” racing is also growing in popularity, and flat track-style customs are showing up on the custom scene in ever-greater numbers, which might explain why the Redshift ST is debuting at The One Show.

You can see more photos of the Redshift ST and find more details here at Asphalt & Rubber.


  1. Hey! CMG Staff! How about you start using words like “unveils” or “introduces” in your headlines instead of misleading ones like “break cover”? Were we all looking for this new bike from Alta? Was it being pursued by a pack of reporters when it “broke cover”?

    Or is this all part of making a sow’s ear look like a silk purse?

    And just so you know, The One show in Portland is a refuge for the hipster set. On second thought, this might explain the composition of your headline…..

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