New Indian FTR750 flat tracker debuts at Sturgis

Back in June, Indian announced its new FTR750 flat tracker. Now, it’s unveiled the bike at the Sturgis rally, taking a bold shot across the competition’s bow.

As noted back in June, the FTR750 is powered by a liquid-cooled four-valve 750 cc V-twin. It’s a new engine design, not a transplant from another machine in the lineup. Details on the complete bike are scarce now (more coming soon, Polaris promises), but it’s supposedly a “high-revving” engine. The frame is steel, and bodywork is carbon-fibre.

That bodywork is blazoned with #51, for Bill Tuman, the last rider to win a Grand National Championship on an Indian in 1953. Tuman was a member of the Indian-powered team known as The Wrecking Crew, with Bobby Hill and Ernie Beckman; Beckman died in 1999, but Tuman and Hill were on hand for the bike’s unveiling.

Indian has not yet said if the FTR750 is the basis of a new street-going model.


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